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The University Philosophical Society (The Phil) is one of Trinity College Dublin's debating societies - sharing the Graduates' Memorial Building (The GMB) with its colleagues in the College Historical Society and the College Theological Society.

It is the only debating society in Ireland to retain its primary function as a paper-reading society, while also holding talks and debates akin to other such societies. The Society meets on Thursdays to discuss a paper, debate a motion or hear an address.


The Dublin Philosophical Society was founded in 1843 to allow individuals too young to join similar societies an opportunity to socialize and expand their minds (presumably without the use of narcotics). Recognised by Dublin University in 1845, it became the Dublin University Philosophical Society. In 1853 the Undergraduate Philosophical Society was founded to protect the interests of younger minds from the oppression of graduate students who dominated the main society. In 1860 the two societies were united under the name of the University Philosophical Society.

A telephone was demonstrated to the Society in 1865 and the society shared membership with TCD Hist frequently; Bram Stoker was both Auditor of the Hist and President of the Phil during his time at TCD. The Society held the Bram Stoker archives until the 1980s. The Society admitted women in 1968, one year before the Hist- the source no doubt of all the Society's claims to be the more progressive and cutting edge of the two. Of course the Philosoph admitted women in 1905 but never boasts about that!

Inaugural meetings are still marked with toasts to the Society, the College and the King and the AGM of the Society always ends at 'midnight' (regardless of the actual time) with the outgoing council rising from their seats for the new council to take their places, dropping their keys as they go.

Officers of the 325th Session[edit]

  • President: Brendan Curran
  • Secretary: Declan Meehan
  • Treasurer: Sinead Waldron
  • Registrar: David Barrett
  • Debates Convenor: Kiera Healy
  • Librarian: Dominique English
  • Steward: Caitlin Sherry
  • Schools Convenor: Andrew Linn

Members of Council of the 325th Session[edit]

  • Vice-President: Anna Cosgrave
  • Pro-Secretary: Eoin o Liathain
  • Pro-Secretary: John Engle
  • Pro-Treasurer: Cathal Dunne
  • Pro-Treasurer: Paul Logue
  • Pro-Registrar: Howard Helen
  • Pro-Debates Convenor: Hannah Cogan
  • Pro-Debates Convenor: Shauna Maguire
  • Pro-Librarian: Hannah Cagney
  • Pro-Librarian: Keith Grehan
  • Pro-Steward: Olivia Headon
  • Pro-Schools Convenor: Sam Mealy
  • Pro-Schools Convenor: Andrea Waitz

Honorary Members of Council of the 325th Session[edit]

  • Ex-President (324): Barry Devlin
  • Ex-President (323): Ruth Faller
  • Ex-Treasurer (324) and Ex-Schools Convenor (323): Sinead Finegan
  • Ex-Registrar (323): Brian O'Beirne
  • Ex-Debates Convenor (324): Jonathan Wyse
  • Ex-Librarian (324): David Adamson
  • Ex-Steward (324): Orla Marnell
  • Ex-Schools Convenor (324): Ciara Finlay

Former Presidents[edit]

  • 2008/2009: Barry Devlin
  • 2007/2008: Ruth Faller
  • 2006/2007: Daire Hickey
  • 2005/2006: Andrew Campbell
  • 2004/2005: Patrick Cosgrave
  • 2003/2004: Edward Burke
  • 2002/2003: Roger Middleton
  • 2001/2002: Donal Crehan

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