UCD Novice IV

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The UCD Novice IV is a competition for speakers in their first year of debating, differing from the National Maidens in that it is a team competition and open to debaters from foreign universities. It takes place the day before the UCD VPC IV.


  • Round 1: TTHW Ban Internet Gambling
  • Round 2: TTHW Take the Children of Children into State Care.
  • Round 3: TTHW Create a Seat in the Dáil for the Travelling Community
  • Semi-final: TTHB Gay Celebrities Have a Moral Obligation to Come Out of the Closet
  • Final: TTHW Criminalise the Destruction of Sacred Religious Texts
  • Winners: Davy Jones and Tara O'Halloran (Composite Team - (UCC Philosoph and TCD Hist))
  • Chief Adjudicator: Gregg O'Neill


Sarah Morrissey & Hilary Bowen-Walsh (UCC Philosoph)
Michael O'Dwyer & Daniel Griffith (UCD L&H)
Niamh Ward & Sarah ? (UL Debating Union)


  • Round 1: TTHW Ban the Sale of Designer Clothes to U18s
  • Round 2: TTHB Governments should Cut all Foreign Aid in Time of Recession
  • Round 3: TTHW Allow People Sell their Kidneys to those in Need
  • Final: TTHW Prosecute False Allegations of Rape as harshly as the Crime itself
  • Winners: David Byrne and Ríán Derrig (TCD Hist)
  • Chief Adjudicator: Jeremy Kinsella


Sophie Scannell & Gearoid Wrixon (UCC Philosoph)
Jesse Harrington & Aaron Vickery (UCC Law)
Manus Lenihan & ? (TCD Hist)


  • Round 1: TTHW Make Drug Dealers Criminally Responsible for the Crimes of their Customers
  • Round 2: TTHW Give Humanitarian Aid with Military Force even against the Wishes of the Country's Government
  • Round 3: TTHW Forcibly Settle Members of the Travelling Community
  • Final: TTHW Allow Doctors to Treat Patients without their Consent
  • Winners: Julia Lawlor and Rebecca McGrath (UCD L&H - 2nd Prop)
  • Chief Adjudicator: Ross McGuire
  • Convenor: Eoin Brady


  • Round 1:
  • Round 2: THW Force Feed Hunger Strikers
  • Round 3:
  • Final: TTHW Make it a Crime not to Tell your Partner that you have HIV/Aids
  • Winners: Manchester

Eoghan McSwiney and Maureen Haverty (UCC Law) and two teams from Trinity also made the final.