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Internal Mace Finalists 158th Session

The UCC Philosophical Society Mace, also known as the William Francis Lynam Mace and the Internal Mace, is an internal Mace competition for team speakers, hosted annually by the Philosoph. The Internal Mace is the earliest of UCC's internal debating competitions, and was once known as the "Philosoph Tandem" or the "Heineken Competition", back in the innocent days when alcohol sponsorship was allowed on campus. The Mace gained its current name after the Society was donated a physical mace by an alumnus; on account of which, the winners of the competition are sometimes known as the "Mace-Bearers" of that session.

Former Winners[edit]

Session Winner Runner-Up Best Speaker
161st (2010/2011) Maureen Haverty & Sophie Scannell Not Awarded?Sophie Scannell
160th (2009/2010) Gearoid Wrixon & Becky West Kieran Murphy & Deirdre MilnerKieran Murphy
159th (2008/2009) Eoghan McSwiney & Shane Lyons Kieran Murphy & Aengus Ó CorráinKieran Murphy
158th (2007/2008) Tiernan Fitzgibbon & Derek Doyle Conor O'Brien & Eoghan McSwineyRoss Frenett
157th (2006/2007) Tiernan Fitzgibbon & Alanna Landers Rachel Scanlon & Siobhan Greaney Rachel Scanlon & Siobhan Greaney
156th (2005/2006) Diarmuid Early & Tony Murphy Derek Doyle & Ross Frenett Tiernan Fitzgibbon
155th (2004/2005) Derek Lande & Derek Doyle Luke Harris & Jerry O'Donovan Derek Lande
154th (2003/2004) Diarmuid Early & Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh Eamonn O'Flaherty & Derek Lande Derek Lande
153rd (2002/2003) Not Held



152nd (2003/2004 Yvonne Ní Dhálaigh & Darren Lehane


Máiréad Enright

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