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Is a individual debating competition held every year by the UCC Law Society. It is usually held in the second half of the academic year and the final has traditionally been on the night of the Law Society's AGM.

The competition did not take place in the Law Society's 76th Session, as the committee declined to organise it. Instead, an "unofficial" competition was organised by Kieran Walsh, who also acted as Chief Adjudicator and provided prize money, under the name "I Can't Believe It's Not LawSoc Gold Medal".


81st Session: This House Believes That International Law Should Recognise the Right of Each State to Unilaterally Undertake Armed Humanitarian Intervention
80th Session: TTHW ban holocaust denial
79th Session: TTHW introduce an age of consent to religon
78th Session: TTHW tie voting age to the age of consent
77th Session: TTH welcomes the rise of China as a counter to US global hegemony
76th Session: TTHW reform the United Nations Security Council to reflect regional groupings

Former Winners[edit]

Session Winner Runner-Up
81st (2010/2011) Kieran Murphy Gearóid Wrixon
80th (2009/2010) Barry O'Gorman Kieran O'Sullivan
79th (2008/2009) Aengus Ó Corráin Becky West
78th (2007/2008) Diarmuid Early Eoghan McSwiney
77th (2006/2007) Diarmuid Early Derek Lande
76th (2005/2006) Derek Doyle Tiernan Fitzgibbon