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The Sean Lydon Memorial Mace is held every year by the Christian Brothers' College Debating Society. The format is the same as the Munster Mace debating competition, but it is open to schools from all over Ireland. The competition is named after Sean Lydon, a former Auditor of the Philosoph, in recognition of his immense contribution to the CBC Debating Society while a teacher at the school. Each year Mr Lydon's daughter, Siobhan Lydon, awards the prizes to the best team and best speaker of the competition.

It was first run in 2003/2004, and was established by the CBC debating committee of the time in their 93rd session. This committee included two future Philosoph Auditors, Ross and Jean-Paul Frenett, a future Vice-Auditor, Conor O'Brien, and a Law Society Auditor, Mark Collins.


The Competition was not held this year


Team winners: Zack Frenett and Cian Horgan Finalists 3 Teams from Christians and one team from Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh


The competition was not held this year.


Team Winners:

St. Al's Carrigtwohill (Zoe Fannon & Nicole Leahy) 2nd Opp

Top Of The Speaker Tab:

Josh O'Mahony (Christian Brothers College)


Christian Brothers College (Josh O'Mahony & Alan O'Regan) 1st Prop
Saint Angela's College Cork (Catherine Noonan & Charlotte Smith) 1st Opp
Christian Brothers' College (Cormac O'Brien & Zack Frenett) 2nd Prop

Speaker Tab:
1 Josh O'Mahony (CBC A)
2 Alan O'Regan (CBC A)
3 Cian Luddy (CBC B)
3 Charlotte Smith (Saint Angela's A)
5 Zoe Fannon (St. Al's Carrigtwohill A)
5 Hannah Beresford (Loreto Fermoy A)

Round One: TTHW Reintroduce the Death Penalty
Round Two: TTHB Facebook does more Harm than Good
Round Three: TTHW Allow Journalists to Tap the Phones of Politicians
Round Four: TTHW Abolish all State Funding for the Arts
Final: TTHB Democracies should Arm and Support Rebels who Fight against Dictators.

Final Panel: Kieran Murphy, Luke Harris, Jolene Quinn, Sophie Scannell, Jesse Harrington, Aaron Vickery, & Davy Jones

Speaker Tab: File:Sean Lydon 2011 Speaker Tab After Round 4.doc
Team Tab: File:Sean Lydon 2011 Team Tab After Round 4.doc


Team Winners:

Mercy Heights (Fiona O'Driscoll & Briony Somers)

Top Of The Speaker Tab:

Briony Somers (Mercy Heights)


Rockwell (Leonard Lowe and Jack Maloney)
Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh (Fiacra Wall & Aaron Flynn)
Christian Brothers' College (Josh O'Mahony & Enda Kerr)

Speaker Tab:
1 Briony Somers (Mercy Heights B)
2 Leonard Lowe (Rockwell A)
3 Jack Maloney (Rockwell A)
4 Ronan O'Connor (CBC A)
5 Josh O'Mahony (CBC C)

Round One: TTHBT Charging For Education Is Immoral
Round Two: TTHW Financially Incentivise Adoption
Round Three: TTHW Prosecute The Catholic Church For Employment Discrimination
Round Four: TTHW Revoke Citizenship Rights From All Those Who Fail To Complete 2 Years Military Service Before Their 25th Birthday
Final: TTHW Grant The Secret Service Immunity For All Acts On The Job

Final Panel: Mark Collins, Kieran Murphy, Eoghan McSwiney, Kieran Walsh, Luke Harris, Steven Cull, Sophie Scannell, Gearoid Wrixon, & Conall O'Deasmhunaigh

File:Sean Lydon Tab 2010 revised spelling.xls

2008 November[edit]

Team Winners:

Colaiste Spioraid Naoimh (Tom Beechinor and David Jones)

Best Speaker in the Final:

Aodhrua Fitzgerald (Christian Brothers' College)


St Angela's College (Marie Dromey and Sophie Scannell)
Blackrock College Dublin (Alex Owens and Matthew Healy)
Christian Brothers' College (Aodhrua Fitzgerald and James Ó Nuanáin)

Speaker Tab:
1 Gearóid Wrixon (CBC Ironman)
2 Aodhrua Fitzgerald (CBC A)
3 James Ó Nuanáin (CBC A)
- Gearóid Wrixon (CBC Ironman)
5 Sophie Scannell (St Angela's)

Round One: TTHW Introduce Compulsory Voting
Round Two: TTHB Religion has No Place in Schools
Round Three: TTHW Withdraw State Funded Health Care for Smokers
Round Four: TTHW Stop All Aid to Africa
Final: Regardless of Wherever it is, Who's on it and What's it in, This House Would Sink Ships Hi-jacked by Pirates

The Date for the competition was changed for this session of the CBC Debating Society. Thus the competition was held twice in 2008, once in the 97th Session of the CBC Debating Society and once in its 98th Session.


Team Winners:

Rogue Squadron (Composite Team: Hugh Burns and Sian Murray)


St Angela's College (Marie Dromey and Sophie Scannell)
Colaiste Spioraid Naoimh (John Beechinor and Cian Cassidy)
Mount Mercy College (Olivia Flynn and Susan Fulignati)

Speaker Tab:
1 Sian Murray (Newpark Comprehensive)
2 Hugh Burns (Pobalscoil Neasain)
3 Olivia Flynn (Mount Mercy)
4 Sophie Scannell (St Angela's)
- Cian Cassidy (Spioraid Naoimh)

This was the first year where composite teams were allowed break and win the competition.

Round One: TTHW Give Teachers the Right to Use Corporal Punishment
Round Two: TTHBT National Security Issues Come Before Human Rights
Round Three: TTHW Legalise Consentual Cannibalism
Round Four: TTHBT The Royal Family Should Serve in the Front Line
Final: TTHW Let the Blood of the Patriarchy Flow in the Streets


Team Winners:

Colaiste Spioraid Naoimh (Eoghan McSwiney and David "Nibbles" Carey)


Ard Scoil na nDeise (Tamanna Breen and Cliona Ashe)
Blackrock College A
Blackrock College B

Round One: TTHBT Animals Have No Rights
Round Two: TTHW Vote Sinn Fein
Round Three: TTH Condemns Sex Before Marriage
Round Four: TTHW Allow Members of Ethnic Minorities to be Tried in Their Own Courts
Final: TTHBT Suicide Bombing is a Legitimate Military Tactic


Team Winners:

Blackrock College (Michael Pidgeon and James McGrane)


Mount Mercy College, Cork (Maureen Haverty and Kate McCutcheon)
Catholic University School A (Gareth Kenahan and Colm Denny)
Catholic University School B (Owen Sheahy and Patrick Aiken)

Speaker Tab:

1 Maureen Haverty (Mount Mercy)
2 Mark Haughton (Wesley College)
3 Michael Pidgeon (Blackrock)
4 Gareth Kenahan (CUS)
5 Colm Denny (CUS)

Round One: TTHW Make Voting Compulsory
Round Two: TTHW Ban Bull Fighting
Round Three:
Round Four: TTHW Militarily Recolonise Africa
Final: TTH Fears Islam


Team Winners:

Blackrock College


Newtown School, Waterford (Cormac Early and Niamh Whitehead)
Loreto College Beaufort
St Angela's, Cork (Orlaith Murphy and Claire Quinlan)

Speaker Tab:

1 Cormac Early (Newtown)
2 Shane Smith (Wesley College)
3 Tiernan Fitzgibbon (Rockwell College)
4 Steven Cull (Composite)
5 ?

Round One: TTHW Introduce MacDonald's in Schools
Round Two:
Round Three:
Round Four: TTHW Ban Gangster Rap
Final: TTHW Negotiate With Sinn Fein


Team Winners:

Loreto on the Green
(Andrea Mulligan and Sarah Swaine)


Newtown School, Waterford (Cormac Early and Claire Murran)
St Angela's, Cork(Orlaith Murphy and Susan Spillane)
Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh, Cork (Steven Cull and Robert Foley)

Speaker Tab:

1 Sarah Swaine
2 Josephine Curry
= Andrea Mulligan
= Cormac Early
5 Tiernan Fitzgibbon

Round One: TTHW Make Irish an Official EU Language
Round Two: TTHS The Death Penalty
Round Three: TTHW Allow Parents Choose the Gender of Their Children
Round Four: TTHW Tear Down the Israeli Security Wall
Final: TTHW Use Terrorism in Support of the Environment