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The Philosoph Lawsoc Grudge Match is an annual soccer match between the members of the Philosoph and the UCC Law Society.

The Grudge Match originated from a PMT motion at the Law Society weekly meeting put forward from members of the Philosoph Committee in the 153rd Session. While the wording of the motion has long been forgotten, the motion called for a Charity 5-a-side soccer match to be held between the Societies to raise money for the UCC Students' Union Rag Week fund. At the time, the Philosoph seemed to have lost its tradition of raising money for charity since the days of the 24 Hour Debate. Thankfully, since then the Society has added various other charity events to its repertoire.

Action from the 2nd Grudge Match. Séamus Ó Ceallaigh overawed by Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh's ball controll

Results Overview[edit]

Match Number Year Philosoph Lawsoc Notes Series
1 2003 5 5 Lawsoc win on penalties 0-1
2 2004 6 2 1-1
3 2005 10 8 2-1
4 2006 7 3 3-1
5 2007 3 8 3-2
6 2008 2 4 3-3
7 2009 2 5 3-4
8 2011 5 9 3-5

1st Annual Grudge Match[edit]

The original match was held on the All Weather Pitch in the Mardyke. The Philosoph team consisted of Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh, Raphael Ó Muirthile, Derek Doyle, Brendan Long, Séamus Ó Ceallaigh, Eamonn O'Flaherty and Derek Lande. The girls of the Philosoph committee (Diarmuid Cahalane, Niamh Godley, Niamh Murphy, Faith Redmond, Claire McHugh and Fiona De Londras) attended as supporters, cheerleaders and offical photographers.

The Lawsoc team included Barry Scannell, Eóin Mac Domhnail, Michael Grace, and Ger Creedon.

The Philosoph took an early lead, 5-0 at half time. The celebration photos taken at half time were, however, premature. The Lawsoc clawed back to draw and so the match had to be decided on penalties.

In true Eng-er-land fashion, Brendan Long, Séamus Ó Ceallaigh and Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh all fluffed their penalties, Barry Scannell saving two of them. Only Raphael Ó Muirthile and Derek Doyle could convert. Even Barry Scannell scored for Lawsoc and so they were victorious.

The Philosoph team, however, vowed never to lose to the Lawsoc ever again.

2nd Annual Grudge Match[edit]

The Second Philosoph Team

The Philosoph team consisted of Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh, Derek Doyle, Séamus Ó Ceallaigh, Gavin Lawlor, Derek Lande and Eoghan Murphy.

There was no mistake this year as the Philosoph coasted to victory with the help of their new first year rep Eoghan Murphy.

Photos form the match can be seen here.

3rd Annual Grudge Match[edit]

Due to logistical problems and fascistic employees of Fitzgerald's Park, the game was played on the rectangular patch of grass near the College Gates. It is widely regarded as the most even and fun game of the series. The match was an end-to end affair, with Philosoph on top, but being constantly thwarted by inspired Law Soc goalie Paul "The Cat" Daly having a stormer. Both sides found themselves ahead at various stages, but as the game wore on, the superior fitness of the Philosoph showed. Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh and Eoghan Murphy remained from the previous team, while Jerry O'Donovan and Danny Gleeson were promoted from the youth team and wily old veteran striker Paul Lynch filled in up front. As the game went on, the Philosoph began to get in control, and eventually won by a margin of something like 10-8. For Law Soc auditor Barry Scannell, the defeat was a tough blow. But not as tough or as rough as the one given to the reff after the match by Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh.

Man of the match: Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh
Man of the Century: Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh

4th Annual Grudge Match[edit]

If the previous year's Grudge match was World Cup USA '94, this match was undoubtedly Germany '06, well organised but ultimately disappointing. A trophy was purchased by the Lawsoc Committee and a programme was produced for the game (written by Art Ward). Ths is was the first game played on a full pitch. The error of playing the Grudge match on a full pitch was all too apparent after the first 5 minutes of play, when substandard fitness began to show. The Philosoph once again came out easy winners 7-3, with Philosoph's secret weapon, Mark O'Leary, scoring 5 times. Having completed a three in a row the team finally banished the ghosts of '03.
It also saw the Lawsoc midfield pairing of two now - rivals former auditors Barry Scannell and Dermot Knight. This victory was been viewed to be tarnished in some quarters, however, due to the fact that despite Philosoph's protests, they did not field a female player until the final two minutes when victory was sealed. LawSoc, on the other hand, the bastions of freedom of speech and equality in UCC, fielded two female players (one of whom was a Cork Camogie player who flattened Danny Gleeson with an outrageous challenge) for the entire duration of the game. Both male contingents were subsequently treated for cooties.

5th Annual Grudge Match[edit]

The fifth installment in the now ever-increasing spectacle that is the Grudge Match (laden this year with topless dancers, fire breathers and Paul Lynch) proved to be a dark day for the galant warriors of the Philosph, with Law Soc emerging victorious in a 8-3 drumming.

6th Annual Grudge Match[edit]

On the 25th of April 2008, the warriors of the Philosoph strode out on the plains of astroturf in the Mardyke to meet the old foe in battle once more. On a wet and windy day, the forces of good and evil collided with force and vigour.

Despite going ahead twice in the first half through Projects Officer Mark O'Leary, the wretches from Lawsoc cheated their way back into the claim leveling the game shortly before the half time whistle.

Unfortunately, the elderly legs of the core of the Philosoph team began to give way in the second half. Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh, Derek Doyle and the rest of the old guard found their stamina deserting them as the steroid-laden Lawsoc team trundled on to victory with all the grace of a three legged donkey on crack. After falling behind with the scoreline at 3-2, Philosoph bravely pushed forward for an equalizer, but with the aid of some under-hand tactics and a gale force wind, Lawsoc Auditor Conor Hurley struck the final blow in the closing minutes of the game. It ended Lawsoc 4 Philosoph 2. The series was now level.

An alternative, clearly biased report of the game by Lawsoc Recording Secretary John Cronin can be found here.

More details to follow.

7th Annual Grudge Match[edit]

Philosoph Team '09. All smiles despite pathetic performance.

The 7th grudge match took place on the 28th April 2009 and with the series tied at 3-3, there was more than just bragging rights at stake. On another miserable, wet afternoon, the philosoph stalwarts, ringers and hangers-on took to the field with a little less enthusiasm than their more athletic looking lawsoc opponents. In the end, it was this difference in fitness that proved to be the game-deciding factor.

The first 15 minutes were extremely competitive, with both sides having a fair share of possiesion. Lawsoc had some excellent chances but were denied time and time again by the undeniably talented and strikingly handsome philosoph goalie John "porkchop" Gleeson. The philosoph's troublesome trio of Mark "the shark" O'Leary, Paul "the aul fella" Lynch and David "mouse trap" Coughlan were the main focal point of their attack, however their efforts were thwarted by Lawsoc's fiery defensive due of Kieran "the king" O' Sullivan and Mike "the mouth" Cahill.

Eventually, the strain of running for twenty minutes began to tell, and gaps started appearing in the philosoph's defense. The first goal was a rasper from Ender "the bender" McNamara, followed swiftly by another courtesy of Mike Cahill. Disheartened, the philosoph hopefuls struggled towards half time without conceding again.

It fell upon team captain Danny "baron von awesome" Gleeson to fire up the troops and inspire a mighty comeback! And inspire he did, throwing the ball into his own net, minutes after the resumption. Following this defensive debacle, the score stood at 3-0, and things were looking grim for the philosoph. Just when all hope seemed lost, up popped Mark the shark with a screamer from the edge of the box, which was fumbled by Diarmuid "two left hands" O'Neill. It wasn't to be however, as Lawsoc responded soon after with a brace from Ender the Bender and Cormac "snaggletooth" Gilroy. The Philosoph managed another goal through a long range effort from the superb Johnny porkchop, which was again fumbled by lawsoc's hapless keeper before rolling into the net, much to the delight of David Coughlan who looked on, yet had nothing to do with the actual goal. The match finished at 5-2, and with that lawsoc led the series for the first time in 6 years.

It was also the first match since the series' inception that did not feature Pádraig MacAmhlaoibh.

The Man of the Match award went to Ender "the bender" McNamara for his 3 goal haul.

8th Annual Grudge Match[edit]

We don't wanna talk about it ...