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Current Incumbent[edit]

The current Public Relations Officer is Chelsea Cunningham.


History and Role[edit]

In the past the Society has had two PROs at one time: one designated the Internal PRO and the other, the External PRO. That practice is no longer followed and all public relations and publications of the society are managed by a single officer.

Article 2.8 of the Constitution states: "The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for publicising the activities of the society and for maintaining a good image and high profile for the society. He/She shall also have responsibility for all publications of the society." In practice the role has involved advertising meetings through the design and distribution of posters, editing the Philosophical Society Magazine and dealing with the media where appropriate.

With the increase in PR activity on campus and changes in technology in recent years, the post has come to focus heavily on technical expertise and visual-design skills.

Former Public Relations Officers of the Philosophical Society[edit]