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Oxford IV Final 2008. As is tradition, in retaliation for years of British rule, the Irish debaters delay the proceedings by singing and chanting.

Held annually by the Oxford Union, a very competitive and prestigious competition and along with the Cork IV one of the most important for teams preparing to go to Worlds.


Winners: LSE A (John Ashbourne & Anser Aftar)
Top Speaker on Tab: Sam Block (Manchester SR)

Round 1: TTHB That Adoption Agencies That Receive State Funding Should Give Priority To Same-Sex Couples And Infertile Couples.
Round 2: TTH Would Ban The Use of Armed Combat Drones.
Round 3: TTHW Tax Those Who Use Expensive Lawyers In Order To Fund State Prosecutors And Legal Aid.
Round 4: TTHW Require Large Online Social Networks To Be Controlled Democratically By Their Users.
Round 5: TTHW Hold The State Liable For Injuries Or Deaths Due To Being Homeless.

ESL Semi Final: TTHW Abolish State Funding For All Arts Degrees
ESL Final: TTHW Alter World Trade Organisation Rules To Allow Poor Countries To Erect Protectionist Barriers Against Rich Countries

Quarter-Final: TTHB That The United Nations Should Offer Large Bounties For The Capture Of Pirates And The Destruction Of Pirate Ships.
Semi-Final: TTHB That, Compared To A Planned Economy, The Free Market Does Not Make Ordinary Workers More Free.
Final: TTHB That Democracies Should Conscript Citizens By Lottery When Facing Any Prolonged Military Intervention.

UCC Teams
32nd: UCC Philosoph B John Beechinor & Sophie Scannell
34th: UCC Philosoph A Sean Butler & Gearoid Wrixon
86th: UCC Law B Aaron Vickery & Davy Jones
101st: UCC Law A Jolene Quinn & Anne O'Donovan

UCC Speakers
56 John Beechinor
=74 Gearoid Wrixon & Sophie Scannell
78 Sean Butler
85 Aaron Vickery
119 Davy Jones


Winners: Yale A (Grant May & Steven Kryger)
Top Speaker on Tab: Adam Goldstein (MIT A)

Round 1: TTB deaf parents should be allowed to use medical technology to ensure their children are born deaf.
Round 2: TTH Supports a European Super-State.
Round 3: TTH would redirect all government funding for reproductions of "classic" art such as Shakespeare, Mozart, etc, to contemporary artists.
Round 4: TTH would allow the UN Secretary General to unilaterally order peacekeepers into regions beyond the control of government.
Round 5: TTHW replace all patents with a government award for innovation and research.
Round 6: TTHB universities should not license societies that define themselves by gender, sexuality, race or nationhood.

ESL Semi Final:
ESL Final: TTHBT the West should provide all support for governments ousted by military coups in return for free and fair elections on their reinstatement

Quarter-Final: TTHB that nascent democracies should enshrine certain social rights to be protected by judicial review.
Semi-Final: TTHB that the government should fund religious organisations to seek converts in deprived communities.
Final: TTHB that terrorism is legitimate when used towards a just cause.

UCC Teams
35th: UCC Philosoph B Maureen Haverty & John Beechinor
67th: UCC Philosoph A Conall O'Deasmhunaigh & Kieran Murphy
100th: UCC Law B Anna Timoney & Sophie Scannell
110th: UCC Law A Cian Cassidy & Joe Lynch
127th: UCC Law C Kieran O'Sullivan & Barry O'Gorman

UCC Speakers
64 John Beechinor
79 Maureen Haverty
121 Sophie Scannell
127= Conall O'Deasmhunaigh & Kieran Murphy
147 Anna Timoney
182 Kieran O'Sullivan
212 Barry O'Gorman
229 Joe Lynch
235 Cian Cassidy


Teams: 140
Winners: Middle Temple (Daniel Warents & Doug Cochrane)
Top Speaker on Tab: Daniel Warents (Middle Temple)


Teams: 132
Winners: Cambridge A (Sam Block & Adam Bott)
Top Speaker on Tab: Kevin Kiley (Loyola Marymount A)

UCC Teams
14th: UCC Philosoph B Conor O'Brien & Art Ward
24th: UCC Law A Eoghan McSwiney & Alanna Landers
29th: UCC Philosoph A Derek Doyle & Tiernan Fitzgibbon
103rd: UCC Law C Chris Hale & Marcus Walsh
109th: UCC Philosoph C Rachel Scanlon & Anna Timoney

UCC Philosoph B Conor O'Brien & Art Ward reached the semi-finals

UCC Speakers
28 Derek Doyle
30 Tiernan Fitzgibbon
36 Art Ward
42 Conor O'Brien
52 Eoghan McSwiney
53 Alanna Landers
218 Anna Timoney
221 Rachel Scanlon
237 Marcus Walsh
249 Chris Hale


Teams: 140
Winners: Yale A (Adam Chilton & David Denton)
Top Speaker on Tab: Adam Chilton (Yale A)

UCC Teams
3rd: UCC Philosoph C Diarmuid Early & Ross Frenett
20th: UCC Philosoph A Derek Doyle & Tiernan Fitzgibbon
33rd: UCC Law A Paul Flynn & Daniel P. McCarthy
37th: UCC Law B Danny Gleeson & Will Sherlock
54th: UCC Philosoph B Shane Lyons Conor O'Brien
94th: UCC Law C Owen Carroll & Alanna Landers

UCC Speakers
2 Diarmuid Early
4 Ross Frenett
20 Paul Flynn
27 Tiernan Fitzgibbon
36 Daniel P. McCarthy
55 Derek Doyle
56 Conor O'Brien
79 Danny Gleeson
96 Will Sherlock
103 Alanna Landers
125 Shane Lyons
159 Owen Carroll


Teams: 112
Winners: Yale A (Beth O'Connor & Rory Gillis)
Top Speaker on Tab: Beth O'Connor (Yale A)
Tab: Download

UCC Teams
17th: UCC Philosoph A (Derek Lande & Stephen Coutts)
24th: UCC Philosoph C (Derek Doyle & Ross Frenett)
32nd: UCC Philosoph B (Diarmuid Early & Tony Murphy)
47th: UCC Law Soc B (Paul Flynn & Danny Gleeson)
53rd: UCC Law Soc A (Tiernan Fitzgibbon & Alanna Landers)

UCC Speakers
15th: Derek Lande
48th: Stephen Coutts
61st: Diarmuid Early
64th: Derek Doyle
67th: Tony Murphy
77th: Paul Flynn
85th: Danny Gleeson
93rd: Ross Frenett
105th: Tiernan Fitzgibbon
127th: Alanna Landers


2006 Cambridge (Sam Block & Adam Bott)
2005 Cambridge (David Tite & Adam Bott)
2004 Cambridge (Patrick Emerson & Harriet Jones-Fenleigh)
2003 City (Seb Isaac & Simon Milnes)
2002 Middle Temple (Alex Deane & Jeremy Brier)
2001 UCD (Colin Walsh & Paul Brady)
2000 Lincoln's Inn (Dennis Kavanagh & George Payne)
1999 Durham (John Tomsky & Mike Ripley)
1998 Edinburgh (Wilkins & Page)
1997 ICSL (Jon Adkin & John Hough)
1996 Gray's Inn (Andy George & Tim Green)
1995 Edinburgh (Gavin MacColl & Murning)
1994 Joint win: Cambridge (Neil Sheldon & Stephen Pitel) and Middle Temple (Graeme Halkerston & David Savage)
1993 Cambridge (Gavin MacColl & Neil Sheldon)
1992 Edinburgh (Stephen Magee & Panayides)
1991 Middle Temple (Penny & ??)