Munster Schools' Mace Debating Competition

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The Munster Schools' Mace Debating Competition is a one-day competition for secondary school debaters held in British Parliamentary (mace) style. It differs format from the Munster Schools' Debating Competition, as it only has 4 teams to a debate, two on either side of the motion; the same format as used at the World Universities' Debating Championships.

The Mace is organised by the Schools Convenor, and from the 156th Session onwards also by the Schools Development Officer.


Top of the tab[edit]


161st Session[edit]

Chief-adjudicator: Sophie Scannel

  • Round 1: TTHW Hold Scientists Morally and Legally Accountable for the Impact of their Discoveries upon Society
  • Round 2: TTHB Stay-at-home Mothers Harm the Feminist Movement
  • Round 3: TTHW Ban Unmanned and Remotely Controlled Weapons Systems
  • Final: TTHW Allow People to Prosecute their Cheating Partners in Civil Courts

160th Session[edit]

Chief-adjudicator: Luke Harris

  • Round 1: TTHW Ban Gangsta' Rap
  • Round 2: TTHW Introduce Compulsory Voting
  • Round 3: TTHW only give aid to democratic countries
  • Final: TTHB That the public have a right to know if there is a sex offender living in their area

159th Session[edit]

Chief-adjudicator: Eoghan McSwiney (Kieran Murphy was to blame for the final motion)

  • Round 1: TTHB Governments should Protect Minority Languages
  • Round 2: TTHW Legalize all Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport
  • Round 3: TTHW Not Eat Meat
  • Final: TTHW Emigrate

158th Session[edit]

Chief-adjudicator: Conor O'Brien

  • Round 1: ????
  • Round 2: TTHW Pull the Troops Out of Iraq
  • Round 3: TTHS a Unionist Parade through Dublin
  • Round 4: TTHW End Censorship of Films
  • Final: TTHB There is a Right to Die, which should be Upheld by the State, Regardless of Circumstances