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The John Smith Memorial Irish Mace, "the Irish Mace", is the Irish leg of the John Smith Memorial International Mace. While undoubtedly a prestigious competition in itself, the Irish Mace selects the team to represent Ireland in the International Mace.


All rounds use the British Parliamentary (BP) format and motions are pre-released, normally 10-14 days prior to the round. In the first round teams know the motion but not their position in the debate. For all subsequent rounds positions are assigned and made known to the teams when the motion is released. The first round usually takes place in Novemeber and early December and the final takes place in March.

The co-convenors for 2011/2012 are Niall Sherry and Muireann O'Dwyer


2011 TCD Hist (Huw Duffy & Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin)
2010 Kings Inns (Paddy Rooney & Eoghan Casey)
2009 TCD Hist (Josephine Curry & Shane Farrager)
2008 UCD Law Society (Ross McGuire & Marguerite Carter)
2007 UCD L&H (Frank Kennedy & Noel McGrath)
2006 Kings Inns (Mark Murphy & Barry Glynn)
2005 Kings Inns (Leo Mulrooney & Rory Staines)
2004 UCD Law (David Whelan & Sam Collins)
2003 UCC Law (Stephen Coutts & Cian Murphy)
2002 TCD Hist (Jim McElroy & Manus de Barra)
2001 UCD L&H (Paul Brady & Ian Walsh)
2000 TCD Phil (Fergal Davis & Robert Cuffe)
1999 TCD Phil (Colm O' Mongain & Boland)
1998 TCD Hist (Titley & Langan)
1997 Kings Inns (Colm Ó Cinnéide & Paul McDermott)
1996 UCG L&D (Hughes & Cosgrave)
1995 UCD L&H (Dowling & Dara O'Briain)
1994 Kings Inns (Naidoo & Newman)
1993 UCD L&H (Rafferty & Hutchins)

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