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Jesse Harrington
Positions Held Schools Convenor
Sessions on Committee 161st

Jesse Harrington is a History and Economics graduate of UCC, and Schools Convenor of the 161st Session. He has also represented the UCC Law Society at several competitions, including judging at Worlds 2010. He is an alumnus of Presentation Brothers' College, where he served on the Debating Society Committee as Debating Coach and Editor of Podium. He is the son of former Philosoph committee member Eamon Harrington. As Schools Convenor, with the assistance of Schools Development Officer Eva Cummins, he convened one of the most successful Munster Schools' Debating programmes, which saw two Munster speakers on the Irish World Schools team and six more in the All-Ireland final. He convened the final of the All-Ireland Schools' Debating Competition in UCC for the first time it was held outside Dublin in 34 years of the competition. He also helped revive the Regina Mundi Debating Society in 2010.

He was National Model UN Convenor of the International Relations Society for 2011/2012, having served previously as its First Year Rep and Auditor in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 respectively. He was a guest speaker at the South Africa debate during the 80th Session of the Law Society, and as auditor of IRSoc has chaired joint meetings of the 81st Session of the Law Society and the 161st Session of the Philosoph, on Kosovo and Wikileaks respectively. In first year in UCC, he was Academic Class Rep for History and Economics, and first year student of the year in History and Politics. He was Secretary of the History Society for 2011/2012.

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