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Becky receiving the Munster Schools' Trophy from Finola Doyle-O'Neill
Becky West
Positions Held IV Convenor
Schools Convenor
First Year Rep
Sessions on Committee 162nd
Other UCC Positions Held Education & Projects Officer, UCC Free Legal Aid Centre

Becky West is a final year BCL (International) student. She spent the third year of her degree in Leiden University, and debated for the Leiden Debating Union. She is the IV Convenor of the 162nd Session . She was First Year Rep of the 159th Session, and subsequently became Schools Convenor of the 160th Session. An alumnus of St. Angela's College in Cork, she was the Chairperson of the St. Angela's Debating Society from 2006-2008.

She was also an OCM of the UCC Free Legal Advice Centre First Year Sub-Committee in 2008-09, and Education and Projects Officer (Internal) of FLAC for the 2009-10 academic year.

Competitive Debating Involvement[edit]

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Schools Involvement[edit]