Barry O'Gorman

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Barry O'Gorman
Positions Held Recording Secretary, Finance Officer
Sessions on Committee 161st
Other UCC Positions Held Finance Officer, UCC Societies Guild; Finance Officer, Vice-Auditor, UCC International Relations Society

Barry O'Gorman is a graduate of UCC, holding a BSc in Actuarial Science and an MSc in Financial Economics. He is an HLM of the UCC Philosophical Society. He was Recording Secretary and Finance Officer of the 161st Session.

Barry was a successful competitive debater for the Philosoph, breaking at Worlds and Euros in 2013 (with Gearoid Wrixon) and reaching the final of the Irish Mace in 2014 (with Davy Jones). Barry also won the Cork Invitational in 2012, with Davy Jones, despite announcing his intention to "dance in the streets with the corpses of saints" in the opening seconds of his PM speech.

Barry has also had considerable involvement in the lighter side of Philosoph life, notably as Recording Secretary of the 161st Session, during which time he was variously described as "an absolute disgrace for his behaviour this evening", "somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan in his attitude towards people" and "as furious and animated as [he] is short and pointless" (see Revenge Minutes 161 AGM). In addition, he has been the recipient of numerous Phoscar awards, notably Best Couple and Best Double Act (with Kieran O'Sullivan), Most Likely to Commit Tax Fraud and Most Likely to suffer a Nervous Breakdown.

Barry was also an active floor speaker, winning the scarf for the Best Floor Speech at the Wikileaks debate of the 161st Session. He also spoke at two House Meetings of the 164th Session, causing a 30-vote shift in the outcome of the floor debate at the USI debate, despite being saddled with a partner who chopped a carrot wrapped in a condom in two, typed noisily at an old-fashioned typewriter and lit a fiver on fire in Boole 4 (Gregory Thomas Higgins).

Barry was very active in Societies life in UCC, notably as Finance Officer of the UCC Societies Guild in 2011/12 and 2012/13. He is also an Honourary Life Member of the UCC International Relations Society.

These days, Barry lives and works in London, and hopes his employer never reads this article.

Competitive Debating involvement[edit]

Judging experience[edit]

  • Chief Adjudicator: UL Open 2014 (with Adam Noonan)

Other Debating Experience[edit]

  • Best Delegate: Cambridge University International Model United Nations 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Best Delegate: Scottish International Model United Nations 2013
  • Distinguished Delegate: London International Model United Nations 2012