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2012 - 2013
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Ordinary House Meetings[edit]

Monday October 1st - Boole 3:

  • Should marriage for same-sex couples be legalised?

Speakers include: Senator Katherine Zappone and Anthony McCarthy of SPUC, Max Krzyzanowski from LGBT Noise and Brendan O'Neill - journalist

Monday October 8th - Boole 1:

  • Is Abortion a Feminist Issue?

Speakers include:Kate Smurthwaithe, Anne Bevan from Youth Defence, Lorcan Price - Barrister and Vanessa O'Sullivan

Monday October 15th - Boole 2:

  • Comedy Debate (Is Ireland a nice place to live?)

With comedian Joe Rooney from Father Ted and Killinaskully and 3 local Cork comedians, Aodhrua Fitzgerald, Kevin, Sean Coughlan, Kevin O'Sullivan

Monday October 22nd - Boole 2:

  • Should we celebrate the 1916 Rising?

Speakers include:Leader of Fianna Fail Michael Martin and Dr. Ruth Dudley-Edwards

Monday November 5th - Boole 2:

  • Does Obama deserve to be re-elected?

With Mr John Engle and Mr. Sean Dunne

Monday November 12th - Boole 2- Mental Health Week Talk - Collab with SU Welfare

  • During Mental Health Week students have the opportunity to learn about mental health issues that affect us and those around us.

With Minister Kathleen Lynch, Dr Barbara Dooley, Dave Carey UCCSU, Dr. Michael Byrne

Monday November 19th - Boole 2

  • Do humans have a right to carry out experiments on animals? - Collab with GenSoc

With Dr Richard Ryder, Dr. Tipu Aziz, Dr Victoria Martindale, Barrister David Thomas

Monday November 26th - Boole 2:

  • Ardal O'Hanlon Comedy Event:

Have we lost what it means to be Irish? - Collab with Comedy Soc.

Monday December 10th - Boole 2: Mistletoe

Alumni Dinner and William Francis Mace Final - 22nd December

Monday January 14th - Kane G19

  • Lift Raft Debate

Featuring UCC lecturers and students

Monday February 4 at 7:00pm - Kane G19

  • Should Medical Assistance Be Given To Those Who Wish To End Their Lives?

Speakers included Mr. Tom Curran, the husband of Marie Fleming who took a Supreme Court case in 2012 about the right to assisted suicide with Ms. Anne Marie Quinn of the Life Institute opposing

Tuesday February 19 at 7:00pm Boole 2,

  • Harry Potter MUN: This House Would Tell The Muggles Everything - collab with UCC IR Society, and the Film Society

Tuesday February 26th -

  • Israeli columnist Ben Dror Yemini

Collab with International Relations Society, Journalism Society
Speaker: Journalist Ben-Dror Yemini

Wednesday February 27th

  • Pornography Panel Discussion - In association with SU

Speakers include: Dr. Robert King, Mr. Benedict Garrett, Julie Bindel. Chaired by Society Guild President Jamie Hooper

Wednesday March 6th

  • - "The Psychology of Power: How Political Leaders Think and Behave."

With Professor Ian Robertson

Thursday April 4th - Professor Noam Chomsky

  • "The threats to humanity's freedom and existence"

Prof Chomsky also met with the Vita Cortex workers on the same day at a private meeting organised by the Philosoph