153rd Session (2002/2003)

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Header logo used for the 153rd Session
Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald
Dr. Anthony Coughlan
Minister Mícheál Martin TD
Kathy Sinnot MEP
Dr. Lal Goel
Dr. John Atkins



1 Nice Treaty[edit]

"That this house would vote yes" (Nice Treaty Debate)
Mark Little
Mary Lou McDonnell,Sinn Fein
Dr. Anthony Coughlan
Dr. Garret Fitzgerald
Minister Micheál Martin, Fianna Fáil

2 University Fees[edit]

14th October 2002
Colm Jordan, USI President
Mr Malcolm Byrne, a former Education Officer of the USI and UCD

PMT "That it be abolished" (positive discrimination in the PSNI)
Proposer: Ms Fiona de Londras
Seconder: Brendan Long

"motion “That This House Believes RTE is like a big, half-eaten kebab and a bag of greasy chips" Proposer: JP Quinn
opposer: Conor Buckley
20th Jan 2003 - War in Iraq debate with Dan Boyle (Green Party)

Israel/Palestine Debate
Prop: Dr. Ali Halimeh
Opp: Commndt Brendan O'Shea

Northern Ireland Debate
Prop: David McClarty, member of the Northern Assembly with the UUP.
Opp: Frank O'Neill Munster PRO of Sinn Fein.


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Board of Irish College Societies National Awards 2003 Best Society: UCC Philosoph (joint with Drama Society DCU)