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Welcome to the online Archives of the UCC Philosophical Society! The Society was founded in 1850 and is the oldest and most prestigious society on campus. We aim to use this to build up a resource of information about the Philosophical Society and University debating, both past and present. If you have any information about house meetings, guest speakers, competitive involvement etc. during the years that you were involved, please contact us. Also, if you have any photos or documents from those days, please let us know. You can add to these Archives yourself, or you can contact the current webmaster at Feel free to click the links below, browse around, use the search facility on the left hand side, and even login in order to update and edit pages yourself. We also welcome all other debating societies on the circuit to update their own material on the site but will be eventually expanding to do so ourselves also!

The newly regenerated Philosoph Archives site is open to all members of the Irish Debating community and further afield to contribute to in the hopes of building a thorough archive of all of our traditions, history and successes.

Be aware: the content on this Wiki is user-submitted and is hosted by the Philosophical Society in good faith under public licence. Should information stored here be false, you are invited to correct it or send details of improvements to the Archivist or Webmaster.