Gearóid Wrixon

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Gearóid Wrixon
Positions Held Internal Vice-Auditor
Sessions on Committee 161st

Gearóid Wrixon is a graduate of Mathematical Sciences at UCC, and was Internal Vice-Auditor for the 161st Session.

As Internal Vice-Auditor, he held debates on newer topics, including arresting the Pope, featuring a member of Opus Dei, and alternative medicine, as well as the more regular topics of Palestine and abortion. Guests he brought to the Philosoph included Alastair Campbell, Director of Strategy for Tony Blair, Supreme Court Justice Catherine McGuinness, who judged the final of the Internal Mace, and author Brian Keenan. He also obtained the use of the Cork Freemason's Lodge for the final of the Internal Mace, and organised a meeting of the Philosoph which was broadcast live on Newstalk FM, with Marc Coleman in the chair. With over 10,000 listeners, and in the absence of a better claim, he maintains that this is the biggest audience a college debating society has ever had in Ireland.

He has filled in as a guest speaker for the Philosoph and the UCC Law Society multiple times, usually at the last minute and on the side that nobody else would represent. He was granted Honorary Life Membership of the Philosoph in 2014. In 2011 he also received a HLM from the UCC Law Society, along with Becky West, for their efforts in breaking at EUDC in Galway. He is an alumnus of Christian Brothers College, where he was Vice-President of the Debating Society for 2008/2009.

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