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Noam Chomsky at the Philosoph, April 2013


Alastair Campbell visits the Philosoph, February 2011
Alastair Campbell visits the Philosoph, February 2011

Every Monday, at 19.30, usually in the basement of the Boole Library, the UCC Philosophical Society hosts its weekly house meetings. These meetings are an esteemed tradition of the Philosoph and we take pride in offering a high quality of discussion at these events; we seek to educate and broaden the minds of those who come to our meetings.

Usually at house meetings we debate on various topics, some of our topics in the past have included the environment, the role of the church, freedom of speech and gay marraige. We debate on many different topics, usually based on current events and topics that people are interested to have debated at the UCC Philosophical Society.

At a debate, you are welcome to listen to our debate, at then give your own opinions. After the main debate, in which are invited speakers speak, we open the debate to the floor. Members give their names to our committee members, and when there name is called, they are given the chance on the debate and what they would like to add. At this time, members can interrupt other members, by raising a hand and offering a P.O.I (Point of Information).

The Philosoph's highly successful "Sexism In University" panel shows our willingness to break ground on tough issues.
The Philosoph’s highly successful “Sexism In University” panel shows our willingness to break ground on tough issues.

After the members have given their opinions, the speakers have a chance to respond to the members comments. Finally, the members vote on the outcome of the debate, whether or not they agree with the motion.

House Meetings draw large crowds and offer the opportunity for you to express your views on important issues.

As well as debating, house meetings can take the form of panel discussions or addresses from notable orators. Many notable speakers have attended the Philosoph, most recently Noam Chomsky.

After the meeting, we have our social, organized by our Social Secretary. These socials usually take place in either the Old or the New Bar on campus, or The Rock which is only a brief walk away. We have a variety of social events during the year, including quizzes and events such as the Philosoph Gala.

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Do you want to speak at the centre of independent thought in Ireland? Do you have ideas for new debates? Have you connections to the rich and powerful? Do you understand the meaning of life itself? Either way, you may have something to say to our Internal Convenor, who organises and plans the house meetings.

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