Hello world!

Welcome to the new Philosoph website. This is the first time we’ve had anything like it in years and I’m exceedingly proud of it. What I wanted to build was a website that’d stand the test of time; something that would truly represent the Philosoph and what we stand for on the world stage. A new website that’d stand up strong in the middle of all the new ways in which we experience the world online; that includes mobile experiences, video, and more.

Today I’m also delighted to reveal the second stage of this regeneration of the Philosoph online; I’m restoring the Wiki. The Wiki was a society archive maintained online and allowed us to crowdsource and protect our society’s history. For a number of years following what appeared to be an attack on the website, the Wiki was inaccessible, however I amĀ glad to say that we’ve been able to put the pieces together from backups.


It’s an exciting few months for the Philosoph both online and in the bustling debating world. I’ll be keeping you updated as more news follows. Keep an eye out.


Much love,

Colm Cahalane

Webmaster, UCC Philosophical Society