A very successful Cork IV 2014!

A packed crowd at the final!
A packed crowd at the final!

We’ve just had a fantastic Cork IV, convened by Ellen Flanagan. The Chief Adjudicators were Karin Merckens and Michelle Coyle. Ruth Lawlor was the DCA. The tab-team included Markus Knutsson and Valerie Tierney. The Cork IV 2014 was held on the 28th and the 29th of November. Thanks to everyone who came to our competition this year and who helped make it an amazing event; our diligent volunteers, impressive speakers, unconquerable judges and the similarly superlative organisers.

The Motions

Round 1: That This House Would Ban Reality TV shows Portraying Minorities (e.g. Breaking Amish, My Big Gypsy Wedding, Sister Wives)
Round 2: That This House Believes States Should Not Pay Ransoms for the Return of Kidnapped Civilians
Round 3: This House Supports the UN’s use of targeted offensive operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Round 4: That This House As Afghan Parents Would Raise a Daughter as Bacha Posh
Round 5: In the Wake of Ferguson, This House Would Allow Citizen-Based Movements to Overrule a Grand Jury Decision.
Semi-Final: That This House Believes Ruth Bader Ginsberg Should Have Stepped Down Before the Last Election.
Novice Final: As a Female Who Would Get a Promotion by Sleeping With Their Boss, This House Would Sleep With Their Boss.
Final: Assuming it were possible, This House Would give mind-control drugs to all soldiers which, when taken, would make them follow all orders given by their military commander.

The Winners

Team Winners: TCD Hist, John Prasifka and Naoise Dolan
Top of the Speaker Tab: Naoise Dolan TCD Hist
Top of the Team Tab: TCD Hist (Sam Browne & Matthew Collins)
Novice Winners: TCD Hist (Lauren McLoughlin and Meg Beare)
Top Novice Speaker on Tab: Izzy Sweeney, TCD Hist

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The Finalists

1st Proposition: John Prasifka and Naoise Dolan (TCD Hist)
1st Opposition: Ruby Holmes and John Papantoniou (Cambridge)
2nd Proposition: George Clay and Thomas Simpson (Cambridge)
2nd Opposition: Sam Browne and Matthew Collins (TCD Hist)


Final Adjudication Panel: Ruth Lawlor, Michelle Coyle (Chair), Lorna Bogue, Gearoid Wrixon, Eoin O’Sullivan, Hugh Guidera, Luke Murray

Some photos! (See more on our Facebook Page)

“Novice Final and Main Final 2014”

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