A dominant force in Irish intervarsity debating, fostering excellence in internal competitions.


GearĂ³id Wrixon & Barry O'Gormon break at Berlin Worlds, 2012/13
GearĂ³id Wrixon & Barry O’Gormon break at Berlin Worlds, 2012/13

The Philosophical Society have been a powerhouse of competitive debating talent for a number of years both nationally and internationally. Members of the society have competed and achieved highly at many competitions such as the World Debating Championships and the European Debating Championships. Additionally, the society is heavily involved in intervarsity debating and competes at many competitions such as the Trinity IV, the Oxford IV, the Cambridge IV, the Irish Times and the Irish Mace.

Highlights of our success can be seen on our wiki project. As a competitive debater at UCC, you have access to the training and resources needed to become confident and succesful.

Our weekly Speaker Development workshops which run every Tuesday will empower you to take on the challenge of public speaking and debating and regular competitions will hone you for a competitive edge. You will develop soft skills such as public speaking, problem solving and on-the-spot thinking and you will also make friends for life. Take a look at our Alumni page for testimonials from people explaining how the time they spent in the Philosoph improved their lives.

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Are you looking to debate in faraway lands? Are you from a faraway land and want us to come and shatter the dreams of other debating societies with our competitive might? If so, our External Vice-Auditor is exactly who you need speak to.

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Are you a little young lad who wants to learn how to be an orator that rivals even the historical greats in sheer confidence and eloquence? Are you a concerned parent wondering why your little young lad has been replaced with Julius Caesar? You may want to speak to our Development Officer.

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