Our AGM’s coming up. Join the committee.


The UCC Philsophical Society is holding its AGM on Monday March 23rd. Keep an eye on our event on Facebook for more information.

The time of year is again upon us and we must begin the process of electing representatives for the 166th session of the UCC Philosophical Society. Nominations for AGM on the 23rd of March are now open. Positions available are:

  • Auditor
  • External Vice-Auditor
  • Internal Vice-Auditor
  • Finance Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Schools Convener
  • Recording Secretary
  • IV Convener
  • Development Officer


Here’s just a few things to consider:

  • Nominations require a proposer and a seconder who are members of the UCC Philosophical Society.
  • Proposers of candidates for Auditor, External Vice Auditor and Internal Vice Auditor will be required to make a three minute speech before the House as to why the candidate they are supporting is suitable for the role.
  • All candidates must be members of the 165th Session (fulfilled by having attended at least two meetings of the Session; Ordinary or Extraordinary).
  • In the case of a current student of UCC whose course of study causes him/ her to be based outside of Cork for at least one half of the academic term, his/ her membership shall be determined by reference to his/ her fulfilment of the membership requirements outlined above in a session previous to the one in which he/ she is seeking election.
  • Any member wishing to stand for the position of Auditor must have attended at least one third of ordinary meetings in the session in which they are seeking election, and must have been a member of the Society in a previous session (i.e. first years cannot run).

Nominations and Manifestos should be emailed to the Ex-Officio (Annie Nevala) before the18th of March at 6pm. Manifestos will then be uploaded to our Facebook page. Any questions regarding the role of any of the above positions may be emailed to exofficio@uccphilosoph.com using the form below.

Send your nominations and/or manifestos to the ex-officio.

* indicates required field

Detailed below is a brief description of the committee roles as per our Constitution.

The Auditor shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the committee. He/She shall preside at all meetings of the society and the committee as far as practicable, and be the chief representative of the society. In the absence of the Auditor, the most senior officer present shall assume the duty of chairing meetings of the society or the committee. Seniority shall be determined by the order of positions listed in Article 2.1.

The External Vice-Auditor shall be responsible for organising the society’s participation in debating competitions, and for organising debating competitions for students of UCC.

The Internal Vice-Auditor shall be responsible for organising ordinary meetings of the society, including, but not limited to, procuring guest speakers for public debates.

The Finance Officer shall be responsible for procuring and managing the finances of the society. He/She will present an account of the society’s finances for the session in which they were in office at the Annual General Meeting of that session.

The Social Secretary shall be responsible for organising all social events of the society.

The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for publicising the activities of the society and for maintaining a good image and high profile for the society. He/She shall also have responsibility for all publications of the society.

The Schools’ Convenor shall have responsibility for promoting debating among school students in Munster, including but not limited to the organisation of debating competitions and training seminars and workshops.

The Intervarsity Convenor shall be responsible for organising an intervarsity debating competition in UCC during their term in office.

The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of public meetings of the society and of committee meetings.

The Development Officer shall be responsible for the promotion and improvement of debating and public speaking skills and abilities within the college.”

We would like to wish the best of luck to all prospective candidates.