Founded in 1850/51, University College Cork’s Philosophical Society is both the oldest society in the university and one of the most prestigious.

The “Philosoph” carries out a number of functions, including the hosting of weekly debates with high profile guest speakers, participating in debating competitions nationally and internationally, running workshops for the students of UCC to develop their public speaking skills and organising competitions for school children.

In the 1960s Sean MacBride, Nobel Peace Prize winner, called the Philosoph “the centre of independent thought in Ireland” when discussing the state of the nation. The society has been a feature of scholarly life in Cork for generations, and offers wonderful opportunities for social engagement.

This website and new blog is to serve as a hub for the Philosoph’s endeavours and achievements. The society archives in Wiki format serve as an open encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.

Our Upcoming Events

Thu 21st September18:00For SHAG Week 2017, the Philosoph and the SU are teaming up to answer the one question on everyone's mind: Is it better to settle down into a loving relationship, or stay wild and free with nothing to stop you from shifting as many people as humanly possible on a night out? Watch on as the opposition and proposition spend about thirty seconds on arguments, and the other four and a half minutes oversharing their own ride and glide stories for the sake of debate. Keep an eye out for our speaker announcements, and be ready for spot prizes on the night!
Sat 23rd September12:00UCC Philosoph are holding trials for WUDC Mexico 2017! If you're interested in trialing as a speaker or a judge, just email to let us know that you're interested, and whether you'd prefer to trial as a judge or a speaker. You're welcome to attend, no matter your experience level
Fri 24th November09:00The Cork IV is back! This year's IV will be held on the 24th and 25th of November in University College Cork. With an incredibly high calibre CA team, an open break to quarters, and a novice final, this is the ideal competition for Worlds prep and novices alike. Aside from the high standard of competition, we'll be having all of our traditional socials, including Christmas jumper karaoke and a Christmas dinner before the open final. Reg opens soon. The reg fee is €75 for Iona teams and €60 for non-Iona teams. Keep an eye out for posts about our CA team, which we'll be announcing shortly. Looking forward to seeing ye all in Cork in November!