Founded in 1850/51, University College Cork’s Philosophical Society is both the oldest society in the university and one of the most prestigious.

The “Philosoph” carries out a number of functions, including the hosting of weekly debates with high profile guest speakers, participating in debating competitions nationally and internationally, running workshops for the students of UCC to develop their public speaking skills and organising competitions for school children.

In the 1960s Sean MacBride, Nobel Peace Prize winner, called the Philosoph “the centre of independent thought in Ireland” when discussing the state of the nation. The society has been a feature of scholarly life in Cork for generations, and offers wonderful opportunities for social engagement.

This website and new blog is to serve as a hub for the Philosoph’s endeavours and achievements. The society archives in Wiki format serve as an open encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.

Our Upcoming Events

Wed 20th December18:30We're proud to present the debate "That this house would cancel Christmas" @6:30 PM on the 20th of December, In Boole 1. Featuring guest speakers from UCC Christian union and Saint Vincent De Paul society. Donations will be collected at the door, ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO SVP. Twas the night before Christmas, and all through UCC, not a creature was stirring, not even Cian Luddy. Then what sound to my wonder -ing ears should appear, But a tumult of shouting, from a dozen debate-ers. They appeared to be bickering Whether 'tis better or worse To leave Christmas as is, Or for this feast be reversed. "On that point sir," I'll say if i might; "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Night"